Più persone ami, più sei debole.
Fai delle cose per loro sapendo che non dovresti farle.
Ti comporti da sciocca per renderli felici e per tenerli al sicuro.
E nessuno lo farebbe mai per te.
  • "Io ci provo a non avere paura. E invece rovino sempre tutto."
  • you must know i want the same world as you do, the better one. and the only way to build it is together. we do greater things when we act like one, when we trust each other as equals. this is not a coronation for a king. It is for a king and queen.

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    How to recover from being denied a kiss

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  • film genre meme ›› 1/8 drama
    The Social Network (2010) Directed by David Fincher

    Your best friend is suing you for six hundred million dollars.

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    Arrivo, e ti riempio di baci!

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    Klaus💕 (on Facebook)


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